We are one of the earliest law irms entering into the CDM business and have established a specialist team to undertake CDM research and practice. 

  •   Assisting with the making of implementation program and plan of CDM project transactions;
  •   Assisting with drafting, revising and reviewing CDM-related agreements and other legal instruments;
  •   Preparing all types of documents submitted to domestic authorities and other relevant parties with respect to CDM project;
  •   Assisting with furnishing application procedures;
  •   Reviewing all original documents and certiicates related to CDM projects;
  •   Issuing required legal opinions based on investigation on the procedural and substantial conditions of CDM projects,;
  •   Carrying out due diligence investigations on the counterpart’s credit information and the like as requested;
  •   Assisting clients and their subsidiaries with preparation of internal coordination documents (in English and Chinese),  such as, power of attorney;
  •   Participating in client’s consultations and negotiations with proposed oversea CERs purchasers with respect to letter of intent, formal purchase agreement and other instruments, and providing amendment proposals (in Chinese and English);
  •   Providing translation service of Letter of Intent and Emission Reductions Purchase Agreements;
  •   Providing all legal services for the execution and performance (including validation, veriication, certiication,delivery and payment) of CDM project transactions, offering legal opinions on big issues occurring during the performance phase and participating in relevant investigations, negotiations and consultations;
  •   Providing legal opinions and proposals on disputes arising from the performance of transactions and representing clients in litigation, intermediation and arbitration activities;
  •   Providing legal consultation relating to other legal issues arising from CDM projects;
  •   Recommending cooperators for clients (including introducing foreign purchasers, project sources, and experienced competent technical development institutes);
  •   Providing CDM-related legal trainings for related parties;
  •   Providing other CDM-related legal services.
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